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Christos Papadopoulos

Date of birth: October 7, 1964
Place of birth: Stuttgart-Oberurbach
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Religion: Greek orthodox

Family status: Married, Three children:

Wife: Antuscha, (Physiotherapist)

Primary Education:

1976-1982 Preparatory College / Graduate

University Education:

SS1983-June, 1988 - Degree in Sports Instruction.

Graduated with straight “A’s” and an M.A. in “Sports.

SS 1990-June, 1992 - Graduated in Science of Sports (M.A.),
Graduated with an M.A. in Science of Sports
Master of Arts), earning a final grade of “A”
WS 1993-June, 1997 - Ph.D. in Science of Sports
Doctoral thesis on the subject of biokinetics and Medical rehabilitation, leading to a degree of “Ph.D. in the Science of Sports”

Continuing education, complementary skills:

Sports therapy: Sports therapist at the German Assoc. for Remedial Sports and Sports Therapy with emphasis on: “Internal Organs” and “Orthopedics/Trauma treatment”,
Earned license to teach courses for special qualification in the areas of coronary disease, osteoporosis and back problems.
Certificates: for diseases including diabetes, cancer, breathing passages, and vascular system.
Designation: Sports therapist (DVGS)- (REHATRANER)
Physical Therapy, Electrotherapy, both Heat and Cryotherapy, Breathing Therapy,
Manual Therapy techniques, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation, FBL (Functional Locomotion Therapy according to Klein-Vogelbach, Aquatherapy, classic Recuperation Exercises, massages and techniques for soft tissue treatment.
Designation: “Sports Physiotherapist”
Internal medicine/Sports medicine:
Sports Physiology, Diagnostic Ergometrics, Emergency Assistance, Spiroergometrics, Biometrics, Performance Diagnostics
Surgical procedures in orthopedics and sports-related trauma, treatment procedures following Ligament plasties, Endoprosthetics, Cartilage damage, Osteoporosis;
Injuries to the Spine and post-traumatic states.

Locomotion Techniques:

Performance diagnostics in sports with emphasis on Soccer, test/control procedures in locomotion, EMG (Elektromyographics), and studies in Kinemetrics, Dynamometrics and Rehabilitative Training.

Proficiency in coaching:
During studies, coaching certificates acquired for:
Soccer, Basketball, Field Handball und Track and Field, valid at the juvenile and mateur sports level.

Professional Experience:

From 1990 Active at various universities and research centers (Germany, Romania, Greece) as sports scientist (in Germany: College for Sports at Cologne und
Institute for Sports Medicine at Frankfurt/Main)
1990-1994 Soccer coach at amateur level in Cologne
1994-1996 Medical Rehab Center at Gummersbach as:
Degreed Sports instructor/Rehab coach/Sports therapist/Athletics coach
Emphasis on: Rehabilitation/Athletics training in Professional Field Handball
From March, 1996 Bonn Center for Ambulatory Rehabilitation (BZfAR) as:
till June, 2000 Reha trainer/Sports therapist/athletics trainer Professional/scientific director of BZfAR, Responsible for therapeutics in the Orthopedics/Traumatology dept.
Active in Management
Emphasis on: Rehabilitation/athletics training for Professional Basketball, Track and Field, Soccer
From August, 1998 Bonn Center for Spine Therapy (BZfWT) as:
Therapeutics and scientific director of BZfWT, Management
From July, 2000 Pro Soccer (FC Schalke 04)
Contract with Bundesliga club FC Schalke 04 as Conditioning and Rehab coach with the added responsibility of assistant coach and that of coordinator for the medical department.
From July, 2005 till Sep. 30, 2009 Manager of the licensed players roster concerningathletics/conditioning and rehab practice at FC Schalke 04
Responsibilities: Performance training, Proactive training.
Rehabilitation training, Sports physiotherapeutics, medical performance diagnostics in pro soccer and nutrition in sports.
(see www.Schalke04.de)
From 2004 to 2007 Project Initiator und Project Manager (as representative of FC Schalke 04) of “Medicos Auf Schalke” (a Rehabilitation and Fitness facility for Orthopedics, Traumatology und Physical Fitness extending over 12,500 square meters)
Since opening of the Reha Center “Medicos Auf Schalke”, responsible for the sectors sports medicine, sports rehabilitation, performance diagnostics and physical fitness.


2001-2002 German Cup winner with Schalke 04

2005 German Cup vice champuion with Schalke 04

2001-2005-2007 German championship Vice champion with Schalke 04

2008 1/4 final European Champions league with Schalke 04

Worked under following coaches;

Huub Stevens, Jupp hankes, Ralpf Rangnik, Mirko slomka and Mike Büskens